Established in 2012, Singapore

With an obsessive attention to detail and love of fashion, we take time and care to create a hybrid of geometric style, urban and contemporary inspired, unique and edgy pieces using only the finest and highest quality materials. Working closely with our team of craftsmen & designers, our handcrafted pieces share stories about the beauty of imperfection, passion and hard work in making things by hand.

In 2017, Handmade Republic® Company opened its first BOLD&CRAFT Artisan Concept Store, located at Downtown Gallery in the Central Business District of Singapore.

BOLD&CRAFT Artisan Concept Store offers the world pieces made exclusively by hand, depicting the culture and identity of people, through the making of handmade products, carefully chosen, from high quality raw materials. From handmade jewellery & accessories, to handcrafted leather goods & wood crafts, BOLD&CRAFT feature brands under Handmade Republic® Company and other brands curated locally in Singapore and the rest of the World. 

BOLD&CRAFT also assumes a social responsibility to spread the art that comes out of the hands of thousands of artisans throughout the world, that live from their creations, full of history and family traditions. BOLD&CRAFT aim to provide the best shopping experience to people who are young at heart, who loves to travel and get to know new culture, always valuing other people's well-being and practicing the conscious consumption.

" Whatever you can do, or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power and magic in it "
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe